A forgiving farewell…

Going through my twitter and Facebook timelines this past week, I am amazed at the impact one person can make globally.   I am obviously speaking about none other than the national – no wait – UNIVERSAL hero that is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.  This post is written with a heavy heart and thought I’d share some inspiration I got from Madiba.

A lot of us are going through our own battles and struggles.  Be it financially, physically or spiritually.  One thing that keeps us all going is faith and trust that this path we are on has been predetermined for us by a higher power.  I elaborated somewhat on the power of patience in a previous post and this time around would like to talk about forgiveness.

I have always been a MAJOR advocate of forgiveness and always say, if there is nothing you can do physically about the situation you in then move forward build your bridge and get over it.

TIPLINE: Cannot change a situation? NO? Well, I say, “YES you CAN!” How, you may ask? Change your attitude towards it.

Acceptance is the first step to forgiveness and will change your view on your current situation.  Through all the stories I saw online and in the media this past week the main thing that stood out for me was Madiba’s statement he made when he left prison.  We all know in his time when he was incarcerated as a political prisoner it was done under the Apartheid regime.   In his 27 years in prison he made a concerted effort to get to know all those who were imprisoned for various reasons, always lent a listening ear, and was and avid advice giver from the many testimonials given by high powered individuals over this last week.

One statement that stood out for me relating to Madiba’s opulent trait of forgiveness was, “I knew that if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”  This was one of many groundbreaking statements made over the next few years that will forever resonate in our hearts and minds.

This I believe is something we can truly learn from.  Realise that what has happened is truly in the past and its up to us to look forward and shape our future attitude.  We as South Africans are part of a legacy set out by one of the greatest leaders of our time.  I for one am fortunate to have lived in his era.  I may have never felt the harshness of the apartheid regime and grew up in a free country – I will forever be grateful to the Almighty for granting me the honour of witnessing change in South Africa…

Algham du lillah Hi Rab Bil Aa La Min

(All Thanks Are Due To Allah, Lord of the worlds)

CASHEW SHELL:  Forgiveness has never been for the next person – It has always been for you as the forgiver.  It is a tool that will get you to be the better person, the one who overcame, and the one who is better off.   You can never forget the past – that is clear.  Just don’t carry the bitterness with you as you wake up every morning to a new day – a new time – a new you.  Live in your gratitude…

Nelson Mandela

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Journey, What Journey…?

Nizamiye Mosque Midran_1

The Nizamiye Complex in Midrand is the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere.  I decided to do 3 days of i’tikaaf (spiritual retreat) there and to say farewell to the great month of Ramadan.

With tears in my eyes I recite “Al-Wieda Yaa Ramadan” (Farewell, Oh holy Month of Ramadan)

Ramadan is the Holy month in Islam where Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, keeping away from lusts and desires (not just food), and earning self-discipline and self-control, and a better sense of nearness to Allah (swt) A stronger Taqwa and Iman (literally meaning shield from Allah’s Subhanahu wa Ta’ala punishment and from the severe torment of the Hell fire).  In it they strive to become better Muslims, better people, better human beings.  They seek forgiveness and are thankful for what they have, and struggle to maintain their changes AFTER Ramadan as well In Sha Allah (God Willing).  Realisation also hits that this may be the last Ramadan we may see but we also thank The Almighty for granting us yet another year.  I make Dua that The Almighty grant us many more In Sha Allah.

I would also just like to take this oppourtunity to relay this message to all my beautiful family, friends and readers.

Please accept this humble message as a plea to forgive me; my words, actions and thoughts that may have hurt you intentionally or unintentionally.

May Allah (swt) then forgive me too by His grace and mercy. May the night of Qadr (power), the remainder of Ramadan and the rest of our lives be a means for The Almighty to inspire our hearts to get closer to Him in ways that He made easy for us.

I love you all and thank Allah (swt) for you all being a gift in my life. May Allah (swt) accept all our dua’s (prayers) and make our hearts desires attainable and a blessing for you in this life and the hereafter.  If this is our last Ramadan May Allah (swt) make this our best and most rewarding one yet.  I trust you all had a Joyous Eid and hope you all see many more to come In Sha Allah Ameen…

Cashew Shell:  It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you have been, it’s about your character and how that will carry you to where you are going.  In my previous post you may have read that I am on a fitness Journey and am going to get back into gym as soon as possible.  This month was very inspirational as I have had the time to reflect on the past and what is truly important in my life.  I have thus also realised that physical exercise should not be the only one that is needed – I am therefore on a search for a spiritual guide as well in order to exercise my Ruh (Soul).

May The Almighty Protect and Guide us all…!

Follow up story Next Week…


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Preview… :)

My determination to find the right space of mind to blog has been taxing.  With everything going on in my life there just seems to be no time…

Its the start of the new year and have decided to be “selfish” in the good sense of the word… I have already this year met so many new people and rekindled all my missed friendships and am amped to share the motivation…

Subsequently, I decided to pop into the One and Only in cape town waterfront for a coffee and a preview… :)

Some posts coming up in the next few weeks are #MOmotiovation from:

Natalie Becker; Bjorn Steinbach; Liezel Van Der Westhuizen; Lee-anne Summers; Hakeem Kae-Kazim and many many more…

Watch this space…

Here is my cashew shell for the day.  A mantra that one of my friends inspired me to do and I turned this into a Dua (Prayer) as often as I can.

“I am Not moved by my circumstances therefore my circumstances move for me…!”

Have and amazing week ahead…!!!

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So here I go story number 1 of many yet to come.

It is 2012 and last month I decided – after many an apprehension – to go to my 10 year high school reunion.  It was an experience of note so much energy and enthusiasm from my class mates and it proved to be an eventful evening from being chased out of a restaurant for making too much noise and moving “the camp” to spur! (but that is a post for another day)

When I left school back in 2002 I was at least 120 – 130 kgs and had a 44 waistline to ten years later and some weight loss I felt better than ever more confident and relaxed.  In saying that I have decided to seriously get back into a gym regiment and thus will be taking you on a journey over the next few weeks.

I recently joined a gym and every day I remember when I used to gym 5 days a week and when I lost majority of my weight.    I knew then and there if I was not going to get fit and feel the pain I was never going to achieve my goal weight and or get healthy… I then came across 360 personalised training.  What an amazing concept.  I decided to take up their offer of a free training session for an hour (I lasted half an hour).

Shortly thereafter decided to follow one of the trainers on twitter and found them to be extremely active and interactive with their followers and members, always posting loads of motivation and exercise tips and videos. This I found to be informative extremely motivational for anyone who is currently training or even just aspiring to be fit.  (twitter handles will be added as I post)

TIPLINE:  as one of their taglines go “Strong is the new skinny” LOVE IT…!!!

I subsequently met up with Chris Walsh and sat down with him to chat a bit about his inspiration surrounding the concept. This is not a conventional gym where you join and that’s it – you have to fiend for yourself and then lose interest.  The mere feeling of the togetherness and the social like atmosphere, makes you want to be there.  When I did my first Warrior Workout session I could see the hype of all the people and the friendliness of the members and staff alike.  If i (without nowing stepped out of place) there was a trainer ready to show me the correct way of doing the move.

I always pose a few questions to all those I interview and decide to write around it.  This interview was so inspirational I thought if I were to edit it in any way it would draw away from the true self-motivation I felt and saw while reading through it.

Below are the questions asked and responses:

When/how did you start out in the industry – tell me a little bit about yourself?

I was always cut out to play professional football from a young age but when I finished school at S.A.C.S, my parents advised me to further my education in case of injury etc. I had been going to a Biokineticist at Sports Science and being quite intrigued by my own physical training from a theory and practical application perspective, I decided to study it. During my practical hours at Claremont Health & Racquet (now Virgin Active), I got offered part-time employment. Being quite a joker and pretty mischievous at the gym, I got a taste of my own medicine when my mom had to come and sign my contract as I was only seventeen. I can still see all those lit-up faces and hear those blurted out remarks as the corridor was lined with the entire staff from cleaner to club manager. At seventeen, without even knowing it, I had unified an entire gym and this also spread into the head office and member base. My football journey took me to England and not earning enough money to survive and only myself to depend on, I turned back to my hobby for some additional income. My professionalism through football met my carefree attitude towards Personal Training when the two started clashing and being a slight perfectionist, I knew I had hit a fork in my career. I decided to ditch my childhood dream and apply my professionalism to my new challenge – pushing the boundaries of Personal Training, which now at 30, I’m still doing :)

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

Being in an industry with excessive human interaction, I draw my inspiration from the people and situations I meet both from a positive and negative standpoint. I embrace change and in doing so, create obstacles to overcome, which in turn makes me stronger, wiser and more open to deal with unforeseen circumstances. I believe true inspiration comes from within and of course from superhero movies. Inspire yourself to be the best that you can be and treat others with the respect which you would like to demand upon yourself.

What advice do you have for people that would like to do what you do / pursue their given career choice?

You need to have a clear vision of where you want to be and know that the desire to get there is so great that you are not only prepared to make sacrifices but expend every bit of mental and physical energy you have to get there. Passion is key when choosing your career and the ability to enjoy the often monotonous day to day stuff will allow you to live a fulfilling life of happiness and bring about even greater rewards. It is also of upmost importance that when the rewards come, you don’t lose yourself either. Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.

A motivational quote(s) from you or anyone that may have inspired you personally and what they mean to you…

I remember reading a quote on the wall at a football club many years ago which read: “Many look up and admire the stars, few climb a mountain and grab one.” I took this quite literally and pushed my body to the limits and in doing so I realized the connection between physical training and the mental strength it gives you to succeed. Health to me is the greatest gift you can give yourself and if not abused or exploited, it can be a valuable starting point to any positive venture from curing illnesses to helping people less fortunate, building relationships to starting businesses. Health has always been the corner stone in my life and by making it a habit to keep investing time into it, I only look forward to more opportunity and greater success.

CASHEW SHELL:  Dear readers – this is a true example of how hard work can get you where you need to be.  I have decided to go on this journey of self discovery within the health and fitness industry.  It is possibly one of the hardest decisions one can make to REALLY, TRULY make the effort to excercise and eat right.  Yet im sure I will reap the rewards in the long run.  I hope this story has inspired you thus far and hope it was as motivational for you as it was for me :)   Here’s to health and getting FIT…!

Go follow: @360trainingcoza more inspirational stories from the trainers to follow…!


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I’m Back…!!!

So, for those that have been reading my blog, the first question is where has this guy been?  Believe me when I say, I have asked myself that question repeatedly ever so often these last few months.  I was completely lost in my 08h00 – 23h30 job (yes that was my rotational shift) to the on goings of blah blah blah… I really do not want to get into the details of it right now or ever.  The most important thing is that I AM BACK and will be busier than ever spreading the love and #MOmotivation.

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Its been a while since my last blog post, and as due course of my last one, I decided to reflect about the last three weeks and truly decide where I would like to be.

My business partner and fellow blogger Denzil Jacobs has invited me to various functions over the last three weeks where I was rubbing shoulders with some of South Africa’s up and coming and well-established personalities.  In the interest of my future posts I will be writing about them and what motivates them within their roles.

TIPLINE: “opportunity is out there – GO GRAB IT…!”

I think a lot of us, including myself, have been sitting way to relaxed in our “comfort zones”.  We need to extend our reach and see where that can take us. 

TIPLINE: “Try and try and do not give up – No success?, No answer? – TRY AGAIN…!”

From various conversations with a lot of the personalities, one thing that remained consistent in their conversation was their passion for what they do.  If you are reading this and thinking that they have it easy, THINK AGAIN.  None of them have achieved the success that they have with out working very hard.  Whether it be remembering lines or that live performance/show that they cannot afford to mess up. 

TIPLINE:  “Even glamour requires hard work”

CASHEW SHELL:  Success does not come easy in this day and age.  We really have to put ourselves out there to make things work for us.  No one gets paid to just dream things into existence, it requires an enormous level of dedication, sacrifice and in some cases blood sweat and tears.  Work hard and remain strong in your roles and remember keep being the cashew you are…!

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SABR… (Patience)

Back from leave today (09.01.2012) I had a relaxing break and ready to take this year to the next level. 

In saying that the past two weeks have been inspiring in so many ways.  Since my last post I joined my friend on location where he did a photo shoot in Constantia.  I then witnessed first hand what art and a passion for photography was all about.  It is not just the pose and snap like I do with my digital camera or cellphone. 

TIPLINE: “Seek inspiration in people and their passions.  This will make you value your work and get the necessary motivation you need to make your role your passion”

I have become involved in so many things over the last two weeks, and when I took a look back at my achievements I saw this was just the tip of the iceberg and that I could do so much more. 

TIPLINE: “Keeping busy is important – but do not forget about the more important things in your life!”

I have – even though I did not realise this – set a boundary for myself.  I always felt proud when I got to the next level in my position or when I got the accolade as recognition.  This should not be enough as I have decided it not to be for me.  We need to push ourselves, as the sky is the limit in everything we are currently doing or what we still want to achieve.

TIPLINE: I am going to use yet another saying you may have heard before, “Go big or go home!”

CASHEW SHELL:  So you are probably thinking what am I trying to say by heading this post as “Sabr… (Patience)”.  That is exactly what it takes to get to where we need to be.  Do not push yourself too far as you may just miss the path you want to be on or that you have planned to be on.  Remember there are reasons why main highways have speed limits so if you go too fast you may just be fined by the speed cops of life.  Lets all (and I say this to myself as well) have the necessary sabr not to lose focus yet still achieve great things…

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FAILURE… What is the definition…?

According to “http://www.thefreedictionary.com” failing means, a flaw or weak point…

Be that as it may, I believe that one should look at failing as a learning, not a weak point.  Failing should be taken as a mistake that you can learn from.  

Failing in general is an extensive de-motivator.  This post will be about coming up from the “fail”.

Lets get to the good stuff…

Some of you may say: “I have failed matric”; “I have given up hope”; “I hated school anyway!” – Yet in the back of your mind you still want to do something with your life, get that expensive car, that dream home… 

TIPLINE:  “Get those subjects done ASAP and move on! – There are way too many second chances and bursaries and internships out there not to take hold of at least 1 of them”

Others, “I failed a deliverable at work, and I am going to get disciplined for it!”

TIPLINE:  “Take the discipline, if it is legit that is, and ask your question(s), take heed, and know, next time I CAN DO BETER!”

In our various roles (when I say roles I mean ANYTHING that you do) we want to give the best and make a name for ourselves.  This is relatively achieved when you know what is expected of you.  For the most part all of us have an idea what do, when, and how to accomplish a given task.

How does that saying go again, “People always see/notice the bad but disregard the good!” or “You are only as good as your last failure”.  I think, to cancel out the above “sayings or statements”, lets use the other common one, “sticks and stones will break my bones but WORDS can never hurt me!”  That is initially what they are.  People can criticise all they want, but its your work.  You should feel proud of the initial attempt and achievement whether good or bad.

CASHEW SHELL:  I have had many failures in my life – personal and professional – to get over it I muster up my gratitude (yes it can sometimes be difficult to do even that) I thank Allah (swt) (God) for the fact that I am here, ready see another day, another breath, another challenge!  Get up and face the world daily as if it were your last.  This will take you on a journey of lesser failures and SO MUCH MORE successes…!


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2012 – Is it your end or your beginning…

At the end of every year don’t we all say, “This is going to be MY Year!”  

I have heard that ever so often, however what effort did we make to make it OUR year?

More history about me?, I think yes – this will give you a better understanding of what drives me…

2009 – I decided that I should go above and beyond my best, I then got my duty manager role.

2010 – top team for the year and then decided to move on…

2011 – top team for the year (being a new manager externally), oodles of initiatives and the visibility of it made me proud…

I am going to say this ever so often, it is the self motivation that got me to the top and to stay there…

TIPLINE:  “Patience and perseverance is what will get you to the required status you deserve…!”

As I was reading back, those lines just looked like a brag book – but it is the truth.  We all can achieve greatness if we just find the right recipe.  And no it is not an easy task. 

TIPLINE:  “Learn, learn and learn some more! BAD or TERRIBLE Personalities do not teach, business acumen does…!”

The more you steal with the eye the more you will learn, whether you are a retail employee or a professional of industry.  You are not too old to learn.  You can see the right and the wrong in people based on your belief system or moral ethic.  This will surely give you the upper hand and allow further personal and professional growth.

TIPLINE:  “Know the difference between business and pleasure – Master that and you will stand out loud and proud!”

CASHEW SHELL:  Move into the New Year with a vision. Sit down put pen to paper or PC to Google.  Do your research on various fields whether you are employed or unemployed.  Write down your top 10 options and then jot down the pro’s and cons (consider everything!).  Then make your decision based on that.  I wish you all well for the new year and may you all find that motivation to give it your all in you current or future roles…!

For more info:

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What an enriching experience! My self-motivation could not have been boosted more Alhamdulillah (Thank God).

Funny story, My father used to tell me all the time – “stop talking so much, you should be on the radio”  with a laugh from friends and family in our conversation… 

Lo and behold! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be ON AIR with the Voice Of The Cape…!

The topic of discussion was aimed at matrics with the ever pending question that haunts most of them, “Where to from here?”

I have predominantly worked in the contact centre industry and this will most likely show throughout most of my future posts…

Getting started in the industry:

I was working as a casual in retail while I was studying.  I got my first opportunity to get into the contact centre environment when my principal, and soon to be boss asked me to work for him. Oh and I was casually walking from the study room in the institute when he called me into his office for the news. At this point I was excited and ready to get into the workforce (this being my first contract employment).

TIPLINE: “Be enthusiastic no matter how crabby your life is. You never know what opportunity is around the corner, or in an office…”

Working for the three months doing outbound calls built more confidence and I had to brush up on my conversation skills.  Getting the students to come for interviews, and the student advisors securing them with the institute, was my main metric.

TIPLINE: “Work hard at perfecting your current role so that you can achieve excellence and move… The movement – UP!”

My “UP” movement was a floor up in the building and a permanent position with another contact centre.  I accepted the position, as this would be good exposure in customer service.

TIPLINE:  “Is the job suited to you…? No? MAKE IT SO…!”

CASHEW SHELL*:  Getting the job is the first step – send out your CV’s – be patient only Allah (swt) gives rizq (sustenance) and will grant you the job suited to you.

*You may think why cashew shell? A cashew, as you know, is a delicacy and exclusive and really does not have a shell… Metaphorically, like each and every one of us, we are delicate and special with no shell. We should not set any boundaries for ourselves.  So remember next time someone calls you nuts, think of them as the “monkey nut” and you are a cashew…!

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